Digital TV & Set Top Boxes

Locate and fix the cause of any existing reception issues. Special filters and amplifiers to fix areas affected by the activation of 4G Telstra antennas.

We stock a wide variety of digital antennas and the installaion is carried out by a endorsed technician, using the latest field strength signal meters.
Other TV Service

Installation of extra TV points in your home or the installation of an aerial on the shed.

We can mount your LED, 3D, LCD or Plasma TV in any area, as well as setup any additional connecting hardware, such as BluRay, Surround Sound Systems, Set Top Boxes, Playstations, XBox and DVD recorders.
NBN Wireless or Satellite Internet

Relocation and reinstallation of existing internet equipment.

If you are in an area where ADSL is not available, we can help you get connected with either the NBN Fixed Wireless or Satellite internet (for more information visit the NBNCo website by clicking picture below).